The Frack Free Compilation is our big fund raiser for 2015!

Nearly 100 musicians, mostly Sussex based, contributed to the 20 tracks which feature on this eclectic and spirited album. The beautiful CD booklet contains quotes from all the artists about why they contributed their music.

Perhaps the best and most original stocking filler you can give someone!? 

We think so! ...because it has been made with love and passion, for the sake of our air, water and health!

ORDER TODAY to get it in time for Christmas!


Artists & Track Listing.....Go HERE for lyrics!!


2.         THE MEOW MEOWS                         England Is Over

3.         CHICKS WITH HITS                          Heroes Fall

4.         RUBYLUX                                           Westminster

5.         CLAIRE MARTIN                                The Man Who Sold The World

6.         CARRIE TREE                                     Water Song (Frack Free Edit)

7.         THE UNDERCOVER HIPPY               Coming To The Gambia

8.         VICKY NOLAN                                   Good Fight

9.         CTRL SHIFT                                       We Can Make It Right Together

10.       THE TATSMITHS                               Resist

11.       ZOE LEWIS                                         When The Developers Came To Tea

12.       VEYU                                                  Running

13.       NAOMI BEDFORD                              Ragged Shoreline

14.       ELEANORE AND THE LOST              My True Nature (Revisited)

15.       THE MOUNTAIN FIREWORK COMPANY  The Lonesome Losing Blues

16.       JAIRAMJI                                            Mother Tongue (Frack Free Edit)

17.       HOWARD BLAKE                               We Were Watching The Birds

18.       VIBE MACHINE                                  Polar Bears

19.       BUICK 6                                             The Puller

20.       PORTIA COCKS                               Defenders Of The Land