Broadford Bridge Weekday protests

Protectors are now at the drill site in order to demonstrate and show their opposition to UKOG's drilling and acidisation of the local area.  We stand with them and would encourage you to support and observe those who are willing to demonstrate their human right to protest by slow-walking the deliveries in and out. Please join us and stand in solidarity. This is a fast-moving road and we would ask everyone to be mindful of their safety and that of others at all times.

Not everyone wants to protest, but for those who do, make placards, banners and make your message heard.

Wood Barn Farm, Adversane lane, Billingshurst , RH14 9EB

Weekly Gatherings nr Billingshurst

EVERY SATURDAY from 2-4pm until further notice. Leafleting, banners, and information sharing event.
Next to the Blacksmiths Arms, corner of Adversane Lane, near to the drill site RH14 9JH

April 1st event 'it's no joke: drilling due any day now'

April 1st event 'it's no joke: drilling due any day now'

UKOG took over the License for Oil/Gas drilling last June from Celtique Energie. They plan to start exploratory drilling for oil using unconventional methods this spring at Broadford Bridge, 2 miles from Billingshurst. Local residents have deep concerns at the lack of public information on UKOG's acidising techniques, the change to permit without consultation and the expansion of the polluting fossil fuel industry so close to home. The Weald is faulted and such cracks, if disturbed, could lead to water pollution or seismic tremors. Air and noise pollution, traffic increase near the level crossing and pre-school and the industrialisation of the wider rural area are all risks that concern us. Oil development should not be taking place as it clearly affects climate change. We need to listen to the results of scientific studies and think of how such actions will affect future generations. If you want us all to have clean, renewable energies, to protect water supplies, safeguard public health and the environment, please join us.