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Bin the Bill- Mass Lobby of Parliament- LONDON

The Government is currently trying to rush the Infrastructure Bill through the House of Commons. It's already been passed through the House of Lords, but recently tabled amendments could stop it in its tracks.

If passed unchallenged, it could irrevocably pave the way for Fracking in the UK, by removing our land rights to oppose it.
It literally could be the 'make or break' of Fracking in the UK!

** Please JOIN US on Wed 14th Jan to tell our MP's that we are opposed to this OUTRAGEOUS Bill as it stands (#BinTheBill), to support the amendments, and how we want them to ultimately vote on it **

>> Meeting point : 11am - Main Central Lobby, House of Commons. Aim to arrive at 10:15am, as it may take about 45 mins to get through security <<

Please email us at to let us know how many of you are coming.

If you can't make it to London, please write to your MP anyway, and let them know that you are opposed to the Bill as it stands, and that you would like to support the amendments that are being tabled.