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Object to Cuadrilla UK's planning application n Balcombe, West Sussex

Cuadrilla UK have re-applied to WSCC to conduct flow rate tests in Balcombe, West Sussex.  The application states they will go for a production license if tests are successful; it also includes a 45 ft high flare to burn off the gases.  The public consultation is open until November 30th and we urge you all to object.  Children as well as adults can respond; Application no WSCC/040/17/BA

Please bear in mind, only objections relating to what is happening above the ground will be considered; what happens under the ground is not up for consultation and is in the domain of the EA and HSE.  Objections raised include air pollution (and associated health risks), site location, risk of water contamination, noise, light pollution, toxic waste disposal and transportation, traffic volume, accident risk, wildlife and environmental damage and disruption to village / community life.   Frack Free Balcombe Residents Association (FFBRA) also advise not to mention fracking / hydraulic fracturing in your responses as objections may be discarded; At this stage the application is for acidising, not fracking however the process involves similar environmental, medical and climate risks, as well as some certainties like air pollution, traffic and stress.

More information on Balcombe and Cuadrilla can be found at .