This page will link you to various petitions regarding extreme energy development in the UK. Please add you name to as many as possible.

GREENPEACE - Sign now for a frack- free UK

FRIENDS of the EARTH- Ask Cameron to say NO to fracking

Petition to the government to make Environmental Impact Assessments mandatory for all onshore drilling sites.

38 DEGREES- Choose clean energy over fracking

Tell Cameron to ditch the climate deniers- Greenpeace.

Stop the shale gas extraction by fracking

Tell Cameron to stop Osborne sabotaging progress on climate change.

The GREEN party- Give a firm NO to fracking.

Outlaw conflicts of interest within government

Polly Higgins, international barrister, came to the Moss last week (March 2014) as reported in the wonderful Salford Star. Join her International Campaign to recognise Ecocide as a Crime and you will helping to bring the ecocidal Frackers in Court.

WOODLAND TRUST: England’s precious ancient woodland is being forsaken, sold out and betrayed.

A Call for a Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing for Shale Gas in the UK


FOOD&WATER watch: 33,000 Wells in the UK's Bowland Basin? Tell Them "No Fracking Way"!

Ban fracking Ireland

Oppose drilling and exploration for hydrocarbons in North Antrim and Derry/Londonderry

Ban Fracking Now by Food & Water Watch

Northern Ireland. No fracking required here

Stop fracking in Dorset

Stop fracking in the Isle of Wight

Public UK vote on Fracking

Stop the Government blocking UK wind farms:

Why you should sign an e-petition to suspend fracking!

Stop Fracking in Tameside


Call on Prime Minister David Cameron to reverse his position on fracking and champion renewable energy instead

To Ed Milliband and the Labour party. Provide an effective opposition to shale gas / fossil fuels and commit to Green Renewable Energy.

Owen Patterson should resign as Environment Secretary