APRIL 2014. People of SUSSEX - Please Lobby Your Councillors!

We have until mid April 2014 to lobby all the people who will sit on the planning committee that will decide whether the current Balcombe application, and we suspect Fernhurst to, will be accepted or not.

Below is a list with the wards and the emails of those that will sit on the committee. They may only feel obliged to read emails from those in their areas, so please do spread the word that people need to email them if they live in their particular ward. ALL EMAILS MUST BE POLITE!

Key Councillors:  Ward:  Email:  Phone
Louise Goldsmith. Chichester West: Louise.goldsmith@westsussex.gov.uk 0330 2222531
Peter Catchpole. Holbrook: Peter.catchpole@wessex.gov.uk 01403 258678
Christine Field. Lingfield and High Weald: Christine.field@westsussex.gov.uk 01342 810310
Lionel Barnard. Henfield: Lionel.barnard@westsussex.gov.uk 01273491426
Michael Brown. Fernhurst: Michael.brown@westsussex.gov.uk 01798 869313
Peter Evans. East Preston and Ferring: Peter.evans@westsussex.gov.uk 1903 240876
Bob Lanzer. Maidenbower : Bob.lanzer@westsussex.gov.uk 01293 884789
Pieter Montyn .The Witterings: Pieter.montyn@westsussex.gov.uk 01243 511319
Andrew Barratt-Miles. Burgess Hill town: Andrew.barrett.miles@westsussex.gov.uk 01444 233081
Heidi Brunsdon. Imberdown: Heidi.brunsdon@westsussex.gov.uk 07889 837362
Mick Clark. Saltings: Mick.clark@westsussex.gov.uk 01273 701895
Duncan Crow. Tilgate & Furnace Green: Duncan.crow@westsussex.gov.uk 01293 888564
Gordon McAra. Midhurst: Gordon.mcara@westsussex.gov.uk 01730 815569
Janet Mockridge. Southwick: Janet.mockridge@westsussex.gov.uk 01273 871089
Sue Mullins. Gossops Green & Ifield: Sue.mullins@westsussex.gov.uk 01293 511069
Simon Oakley. Chichester East: Simon.oakley@westsussex.gov.uk 01243 538394
Lionel Parsons. Sompting & North Lancing: Lionel.parsons@westsussex.gov.uk 01903 527534
John Rodgers. Cissbury: John.rogers@westsussex.gov.uk 07761 848820
Robin Rodgers. Northbrook: Robin.rogers@westsussex.gov.uk 01903 201299
Sujan Wickremarat. Haywards Heath Town: Sujan.wickremaratchi@westsussex.gov.uk 07968 179083