Romanian Villagers Report Shale Gas Nightmare


"In Romania, a village has already been destroyed by fracking. It was done all in secret and only the series of shallow earthquakes that started at the end of 2013 made us aware that there is something wrong there. Further more, the authorities have clumsily tried to present the case of Izvoarele as if it was some very special case of seismicity, by inviting Japanese earthquake specialists. Meanwhile, in the village all the occurences connected to fracking started appearing: the water has been contaminated (the people receive very little quantities of bottled water), the birds and animals are dying, sinkholes are appearing. And of course, due to the earthquakes, some houses are badly damaged. Yet there is a even higher danger, also stated by a famous Romanian geologist: the danger that the whole village will collapse.

Meanwhile, due to intimidations, the people in the village of Izvoarele have given up speaking out and there are only three people (out of 1500) who dare speak out. The mayor, the priest and all the authorities do whatever they can to silence the people. The 18 years old boy of the lady in the video, the most vocal one in the village, was beaten up and needed hospitalisation for 4 days."

Maria Olteanu, Bucharest.

— with Maria Olteanu at Izvoarele, Galati County, Romania.