Balcombe Log Protectors Aquitted!!!

Fantastic news as all the Balcombe "Log Protectors" are aquitted.

1:00pm – Witness describes how atmosphere changed when a battalion of police arrived – they were trapped as police started violently arresting people – her 5 year old son was traumatised.

1:10pm – Prosecution is asking to reopen case and produce new witness – a Cuadrilla drilling supervisor. Defence is objecting.

1:15pm – Judge hearing objections – Judge to allow prosecution's new evidence.

2:10pm – Cuadrilla drilling supervisor in witness box.
2:35pm – Cross examination of Cuadrilla employee completed.

2:55pm – Final protector takes the stand .....


On Day two of the trial of Balcombe protectors .. the star prosecution witness still hasn’t turned up.

Some of yesterday's developments ..
2:10pm – Bronze Commander admits he doesn’t know 5 step protocol for peaceful conflict resolution; perhaps this explains jumping straight to deliberate infliction of pain via pressure points.

2:30pm – Bronze claims that he ordered arrests after 2 warnings. Who heard?

2:40pm – Judge asks why Cuadrilla has not been called to give evidence.

2:50pm – Bronze confirms no emergency vehicles needed access while protectors sat on log.

3:10pm – Bronze admits he was offsite most of morning prior to arrests.

3:20pm – Bronze reveals he advised police not to appear less aggressive.

Frack Off is giving an excellent blow by blow account of proceedings here (thanks to them for the original image above too).

Argus coverage here:

4:00pm – District Judge found their actions were reasonable in the circumstances and that they acted with dignity.

4:00pm – Suggested that the Police had very bad memories with regard to their evidence!

The big question was deemed to be limits of freedom of speech.

Thanks so much to Frack Off for such conscientious regular updates