WOMEN of Sussex Unite!

This is very very darkly funny. He is so close .. and yet is several, cynical, unbridgeable worlds away.

"One of the biggest areas is getting the confidence of the women of Britain. They are the ones that regulate the sustainable side of things of any nation. It is in their DNA.”

- Andrew Austin, #FrackDealer, CEO of IGas (the UK's current largest potential unconventional fossil fuel exploiter) in a presentation to the $hale Gas World Conference in Birmingham (for which tickets were £1,750) sponsored by Halliburton.

According to polling data, he said, negative views of fracking were very heavily represented by women. “We have to give them confidence”, he said.

By patronising us Mr Austin? Good luck with that.

For once Andrew, you have an accurate point - about the intrinsic importance of women in the movement (that, incidentally, will stop you and your obscene investments) - well done Sherlock. But you are shamefully misusing your intelligence and making a huge mistake in reducing us to a demographic to be patronised and mollified. Your reprehensible underhand plan will fail .. as will $hale.
Have long been saying that he was carefully chosen for his open face, big blue eyes, easy accent and tall - if slightly chubby - good looks. Thanks for my confirming my hunch Andrew Austin, but you don't do it for me. You are deceit and poison personified.

-Vanessa Vine

#InvestorRemovalTeam #IdleNoMore

Oh and at the Lords The Select Committee on Economic Affairs Inquiry on THE ECONOMIC IMPACT ON UK ENERGY POLICY OF SHALE GAS AND OIL last November he said:

"Anywhere we choose to drill or would look to drill would have to be with the acquiescence of the local community and in working with it. Frankly, if you do not have the social licence to operate with the acquiescence of the people you are with, when you are dealing with your neighbours that is going to be the constraint. It goes back to Lord Lawson’s question earlier about what the barriers are right now. They are getting local acceptance where we are trying to drill. We need to work with those communities, and it is the inability to manage that that would rule out any particular area."

That's you stuffed then innit