UK Fracking's first political prisoner


Kate went back to the site on the final week of the Camp to help clear up and was also arrested for breeching bail conditions – but was remanded in custody, firstly for two and a half weeks, and, yesterday, for over five months, making a total of over six months until his trial on October 9th.

The judge’s decision provoked outrage and shock, as the original offence apparently wouldn’t have carried anything like a six month custodial sentence, even if proved guilty."

@29.4.14: Kate McCann, has appallingly been remanded in custody in Birmingham for six months. All he did was to breach bail in order to help clear up the Barton Moss Community Protection Camp, having previously merely exercised his right to peaceful protest and done several lock-ons to delay drill-supply trucks. #IdleNoMore #InvestorRemovalTeam.

You can follow/support developments here:

And if anyone has a moment to send him a card or letter of support, it would give him a great boost.

Here is the postal address : K McCann, A5601DE, Wing A311, HM Prison, Winson Green Rd, BIRMINGHAM, West Midlands, B18 4AS.

Please be careful what you write, as it could have repercussions on Kate or yourself if deemed "inappropriate" by the Prison Censor. They WILL read all mail.

Pictures of one of his actions linked here, which delayed trucks by over 6 hours: