Shame on the House of Lords committee

A frack dealer is frack dealer - a peerage disguises nothing.

Days after a YouGov poll revealed 74% of Britons oppose plans to allow fracking firms to drill under people's homes without their permission ... A House of Lords committee has urged changes in the law to fast-track fracking and ensure property owners cannot delay drilling under their land.

The economic affairs committee (EAC) is also demanding ministers set up a special cabinet committee on the issue and make it a "national priority" to sell the benefits of shale gas to a sceptical British public.

Doug Parr, chief scientist at Greenpeace UK, said: "Fracking is a non-solution – it won't deliver for many years, if ever. The real urgent national priority is to push ahead with the renewable technology and efficiency measures which would much more rapidly address the security issues flagged up by the Ukraine crisis.

"The Lords spent seven months cherry-picking the wafer-thin evidence that fits a foregone conclusion about the benefits of shale gas. This is just more taxpayer-funded cheerleading from unelected politicians who seem all too happy to ignore the country's legitimate concerns about fracking.

"On one page the lords are saying public concerns should be taken seriously, on the other they urge the government to strip people of their right to say no to fracking firms planning to drill under their homes – a move opposed by three quarters of British people."